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Hydra - Latest Updates (NOV. 30TH)

Posted by Hank on 11/30/2016

The following update patches include some new combat updates as well as other bug fixes/content modifications.

List of said updates are as follows:
Yell Timer Set to 45 seconds, instead of a minute and 20 seconds.
AGS Accuracy and damage has been buffed.
Dragon Claws now display all four hit-splats (Finally!).
Dragon Claw special mechanics have been tweaked to be more accurate.
Dragon Dagger's special accuracy has been corrected, and the damage has been buffed.
Granite Maul's special accuracy has been corrected.
Players who purchased a yell title from the donator store can now remove their yell title (using ::removesetyell).
Numerous teleports have been added/modified to help players navigate around the game (they can be used regardless of the spellbook you're on).
KBD teleport has been moved into 41 wilderness.
Serveral commands were modified to be more player friendly.
Food has almost completely been re-written (Now give the correct health amounts).
The famous Lure/Bait (Trout & Salmon/Cod & Pike) Fishing spot has been added to Barbarian village.
The Dungeoneering reward store prices have been revamped.
Dharok's set PkP requirement in Mandrith's store has been fixed.
The Ring of wealth (lucky) now has a 50% chance of doubling your rate of receiving an Uncut onyx from Crystal key chests.
Both Crystal key chests now count towards the Completionist cape requirement.
Players can now see the messages they send via ::help.
The Wilderness Agility course has been rewritten.
The 'Spin Doctor' achievement has been repaired.
Teleporting to Cave Horrors with an Enchanted gem now takes you to the correct place.

Kind Regards,
The HydraScape Development Team

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Hydra - The #1 639 RSPS

Posted by Hank on 11/28/2016

Welcome to Hydrascape, a 2011 HD (639) server with a tremendous amount of quality content, it's time to move on and stop playing these imitation 317 servers loaded with higher-revision content, poor HD graphics and repetitive features. Hydrascape is a server which is set right in the time Runescape was at its greatest; before the interfaces/models started copying World of Warcraft and long before EOC took over. Hydrascape used to be owned by Gander; however, I have purchased the server from Danny and I plan to put forth a lot of effort into making Hydrascape an enjoyable and reliable server once more. We done well over 500+ updates within' the last three months. We are working toward ironing out the last bit of issues that people are encountering; however, I can easily say we are one of the most stable servers online to-date, with new content being added daily.

Some of our features include:
25 Skills to train, including dungeoneering and contruction.
Boss pets, including Baby-Nex and Wildyworm.
A realistic, balanced combat system.
Lots of wilderness activity especially in deeper / dangerous areas.
15 Bosses to kill with realistic rewards and drop rates.
Dedicated team of developers delivering open-minded, community driven updates.
Friendly comunity.
10 Minigames to conqure.
& a very stable game-engine.

Be part of what soon will be the most talked about RSPS on the market.
Kind Regards,
Hank - Managing director

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